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Glenn Farrell as a Police Officer

Glenn envisions a community oriented style of law enforcement for Park County that puts people first. He believes it is important that the Sheriff’s Office be visible, as well as approachable by taking the Department to the next level with a three-pronged approach:

  • By developing trust in law enforcement.
  • By developing a greater understanding of community issues.
  • By using that trust and understanding to solve problems.

With an emphasis on proactive leadership, Glenn will focus on the following:



Being accessible is the key to building a strong relationship within the community. As in the past, Glenn will...

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Glenn believes that an effective Sheriff’s Department requires rigorous continual training to better prepare deputies, with an emphasis on...

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Being fiscally responsible with the Park County budget is essential, Glenn has the experience and track record to stay...

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By utilizing resources already in place, Glenn plans on making the Sheriff’s Department more proactive and more efficient. A...

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By developing positive relationships with other law enforcement agencies and sharing knowledge and information, the Park County Sheriff’s Office...

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A professional atmosphere demands that the Sheriff’s Department stay current with training, equipment, technology, techniques and ideas.  Having someone...

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Glenn understands the Constitutional rights that we all share and he is not willing to compromise individual rights to solve problems. Throughout his career Glenn has exemplified community policing, believing that being a law enforcement officer means lending a hand to those in need and partnering with community groups and utilizing community resources to help provide for a more beneficial outcome. Glenn’s vast professional experience, including a proven track record of positive change, effective leadership, community outreach service, building collaborative partnerships and a passion for serving his community make him the best candidate to serve as the next Park County Sheriff.

+1 (406) 220-5345

1116 W Montana St, Livingston, MT 59047

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